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What is Saihoko Labs? 
Saihoko Labs is a company that helps new blockchain-based companies launch. We are incubator for projects driven by blockchain technology, and provide support in the form of mentoring, networking opportunities and other resources to help web3 companies grow and succeed.
Projects and our ecosystem can collaborate, share resources and exchange information. Hub’s key features include networking & partnerships as well as connecting with industry experts. Our goal is to provide a platform for startups to showcase their ideas and link them to potential business partners.
Complex digital service provider, offering a wide range of services to help our projects succeed in the digital space. We specialize in software development, visual design, sound design and marketing, providing all resources needed to plan, develop, launch and manage innovative projects.
Virtual reality is an integral part of Saihoko Labs’ development. As such, we also operate as a game development studio alongside more experienced partner gaming studios.
Expert advice and guidance to companies and organizations that want to integrate blockchain technology into their operations. We use blockchain technology to leverage to solve complex problems and improve efficiency.
As an innovation-focused startup, we concentrate on all initiatives related to decentralization, tokenization and the broader virtual reality. We are constantly exploring the market to discover new opportunities and ideas driven by blockchain technology.
Resources and services we provide.
Visual design
Software development
Marketing & Media
Game developement
Sound design
$Saihoko ($SAI) token economics

All $SAI token holders will be displayed in Saihoko Labs’ investor ranking. The ranking will determine power of access to the benefits of owning the token. The more tokens a member has, the higher they are ranked. Ranking positions are divided into classes that determine a user’s access to the benefits, in accordance with Utilities.

$SAI ICO date will be published
on our Discord
Tokens distribution
  • Seed
  • Private Sale
  • Pre-sale
  • Public sale v1
  • Public sale v2
  • Reserve
  • Liquidity
  • Advisors
  • Marketing
  • Partners
  • Team
$SAI token supply: 300 000 000
Alocation of funds
  • Operating costs
  • Lawyers & Regulation
  • Marketing
  • Reserve
  • Team
  • Development
Distribution of raised funds
Amount of tokens
9 000 000
1 $SAI price
Private sale
Amount of tokens
15 000 000
1 $SAI price
Amount of tokens
15 000 000
1 $SAI price
Public sale v1
Amount of tokens
30 000 000
1 $SAI price
Public sale v2
Amount of tokens
30 000 000
1 $SAI price
How to get $SAI? 
At this moment, we are preparing for a Seed funding round. Any investor interested in acquiring $SAI token in the early stage of Saihoko Labs development, please send us an email. We will be in touch to determine next steps and provide detailed information.
Saihoko Labs’ original funding source was the Arcade aLIEnS NFT mint. NFT holders from this collection are the first investors in Saihoko Labs.


Get access to $SAI holders utilities. A higher number of tokens held provides a higher position in the leaderboard of top holders. The number of tokens affects the holder’s position in utilities and level of influence in the community.
Blueprint of startup operations over time

Market research & analysis


Core Team building

Core Advisors acqusition

Core Partnerships acquisition

Saihoko Labs creation

Technology partners acquisition v1

Website & social media setup

Arcade aLIEnS NFT Mint

Business model development

$SAI token economics

Saihoko Labs Whitepaper v1

New partners acquisition v1


Game market research & analysis

Team development v1

New partners acquisition v2

Saihoko Labs Whitepaper v2

Heroes of Atrinum project creation

New partners acquisition v3

Team development v2

Heroes of Atrinum Roadmap development

Services structures creation

Lead generation

Marketing strategy development

New partners acquisition v4

LLC Regulation & Establishment

Heroes of Atrinum Roadmap development

RTFCL project creation

Smart contract audit

$SAI seed sale

$SAI private sale

Heroes of Atrinum Roadmap development

$SAI pre-sale

New partners acquisition v5

Team development v3

Learn2Earn platform creation

Launchpad creation

Saihoko DAO creation

Token utility
Features for $SAI token holders


Submitting project ideas
Designing & Developing project with Saihoko Labs
– Ecosystem based on DAO and smart contracts

Saihoko DAO

Governance system powered by token
DAO Fund
– Company structures management
Voting on projects and business partners
Community access & Networking


– Currency for services
Staking as subscription for services
– Loyalty program


– Premium benefits
– Staking program
– Staking leaderboard


Token Airdrops
NFT Airdrops
– Early access
Events tickets
Premium products


Value sharing
Earn token
Affilliate program
– Saihoko University

Initiatives developed by Saihoko Labs
Heroes of Atrinum

Heroes of Atrinum is a free-to-play tactical game with a turn-based gameplay system, featuring a single-player adventure mode with a unique storyline, as well as a multiplayer online battle arena where players can compete against each other. HoA’s plot and characters are set in a fantasy universe – Eternale, populated by many races, civilizations and dynasties, some of which live on the main continent of Atrinum, hence the game’s title.


RTFCL is an innovative research and development project focused on AI solutions. Our mission is to create cutting-edge SAAS products that leverage the power of artificial intelligence to enhance productivity, efficiency, and personalization across various industries. With a vision of mass adoption, we aim to deliver ready-to-use products that seamlessly integrate AI capabilities, making advanced technology accessible to users of all backgrounds.

Core startup team
Łukasz Jewasiński
CEO CMO | Founder
Michał Górny
CTO | Co-Founder
Mikołaj Cichy
CFO | Co-Founder
Wiktor Daniec
R&D Manager
Antek Baran
GameFi Manager
Consulted by the best
BAYC #4639
NFT Space Explorer
BAYC #149
NFT Space Explorer
David Uzochukwu
Smart Contract Developer
Co-operating with top brands in the space
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This is a document that presents the ideas behind the startup Saihoko Labs and fully analyzes it. The whitepaper will be updated as more initiatives are developed.

Thanks to the development of the Blockchain environment and cryptocurrencies themselves, the era of NFT has finally arrived- a technological novelty that gained its greatest popularity in 2021. Everything is set to enter the new reality of Web 3.0 and the development of the Metaverse.

Non-fungible tokens are simply a digital certificates of ownership of an asset stored on the Blockchain:

– digital-only – like digital art or collectibles

– digital-physical – like an NFT with a physical object associated with it

Web 3.0 is a term that as of today has more of a marketing meaning than an actual definition.

It is simply a continuation of the development of the Web, where we can differentiate:

– Web 1.0 – audience consumption of content

– Web 2.0 – greater participation of users in the network, the ability to receive and create content, the era of the Internet and Social Media, centralized environment

– Web 3.0 – everything that Web 2.0 brought us, the Web returns to the users, decentralized environment, users co-create the Web

The Metaverse is designed to be a global, open-access virtual world where everyone has their own avatar (NFT) and participates in a virtual social life.

As of today, the Metaverse is a more common term and refers to the tendency for the real world to move into the virtual world. This phenomenon can already be observed at the beginning of Web 2.0 development, where the main role is played by social media.

Blockchain is a shared distributed database between computer networks. As a database, blockchain stores information digitally- in digitized format. Blockchains are best known for their crucial role in cryptocurrency systems, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Polygon. They are environments that are maintaining a secure and decentralized record of transactions. The innovation of Blockchains is that they guarantee the faithfulness and security of the data records and generate trust without the need for a trusted third party (like the Central Bank).

In the blockchain environment, decentralization means that now users can control the network. Authority and decision-making is transferred from a centralized company to a distributed user network. In a decentralized environment, each user contributes to the network (by owning a cryptocurrency or NFT) and therefore owns a piece of the digital world.

Ethereum is the world’s second largest cryptocurrency and blockchain, which is the first environment that allowed NFT technology to exist and develop.

Another cryptocurrency and blockchain is Polygon. All of the projects we create are based on Polygon blockchain because of the more beneficial transaction terms for the community and the fact that Polygon is Ethereum-compatible.

MetaMask is defined as a cryptocurrency wallet software used to interact with the Ethereum and Polygon Blockchain. It allows users to access the crypto wallet via browser extension or mobile app. Having MetaMask you can interact with decentralized applications such as NFT Marketplaces or specific NFT projects.

To set up MetaMask wallet you need:

  • Download MetaMask extension for Google Chrome (desktop).
  • Click „Get Started.” You will be given the option to create a new account or log in to an existing one.
  • Create an account with MetaMask.
  • Set your MetaMask account password.
  • Uncover and save seed phrase in a safe place – in addition to your password it is a unique key allowing you to access your MetaMask wallet in case you lose your password.
  • Now you have an account and crypto wallet on MetaMask.
  • To start acquiring NFTs and engage in the Metaverse revolution learn how to buy cryptocurrency on MetaMask wallet.

The complete MetaMask tutorial is detailed here.

OpenSea is a decentralized NFT marketplace for buying, selling, and trading NFTs. OpenSea is also the biggest marketplace for digital goods as a whole.

To create OpenSea account, all you need to do is:

  • Go to the OpenSea website. (
  • Log in through your MetaMask wallet.
  • From now on you have your own profile on OpenSea associated with your Metamask wallet. You can receive, buy and sell NFTs.

NOTE: If you want to log in to a different OpenSea account (and therefore log in using a different wallet). You need to go to MetaMask and by the specific wallet that is currently logged into OpenSea click the 3 dots. Then select the option „Connected sites”. Simply remove OpenSea as a site connected to that wallet. Next time you log in to OpenSea you will be able to select a different wallet or you can connect it yourself by clicking “Not Connected” and “Connect” in your MetaMask wallet.

The complete OpenSea tutorial is detailed here.

MINT NFT- simply means purchase NFT

BURN NFT- simply means deleting NFT from a Blockchain

TOKENIZE- process of converting a significant piece of data, into token

BULL MARKET- refers to a positive, strong upward trend in the market that presents a significant price increase over a relatively short period of time.

BEAR MARKET- refers to a negative, strong downtrend in a market that presents a significant price decline over a relatively short period of time.

COLLECTIBLE- a unique NFT collector’s item. Under 1 Collectibles, members who own an NFT Collectible belong to a community created by the project. This brings with it a great variety of benefits depending on the specific project.

DIGITAL ART- term used to describe art that is made or presented using digital technology.

HODL- Hold On for Dear Life means not to sell your crypto but hold it to sell with bigger profit

FOMO- Fear Of Missing Out, refers to fear of missing opportunity

HYPE- extremely big attention from NFT community for NFT project and purchasing tokens

WAGMI- We Are Going to Make It, popular in Twitter NFT communities

GM- Good Morning, popular in Twitter NFT communities

DIAMOND HANDS- people who hold cryptocurrencies long term for big profits

PAPER HANDS- people who panic sell cryptocurrencies

What can we do for you?