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Heroes of Atrinum

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Heroes of Atrinum is a free-to-play tactical game with a turn-based gameplay system, featuring a single-player adventure mode with a unique storyline, as well as a multiplayer online battle arena where players can compete against each other.

Game's plot and characters are set in a fantasy universe - Eternale, populated by many races, civilizations and dynasties, some of which live on the main continent of Atrinum, hence the game's title. Heroes of Atrinum proposal came as an outcome of clash of ideas of 2 friends.

One of them greatly-attached to turn-based games, its strategic depth and logical thinking. Second, spent more than half of his life on MOBA’s in adoration for its competitiveness, teamwork aspect and more dynamic gameplay. Thus the hybrid of both genres has come up as a conclusion to become turn-based (multiplayer online) battle arena.

This brainstorm on the other hand originated from the need to introduce players to Eternale universe in an entertaining way. Furthemore Eternale universe is a much grander design, aspiring to one day become the foundation for a MMORPG game.

Project Genesis

In the initial phase, we lay the groundwork for the project by defining its main objectives, scope and technological framework. This phase includes ideation, feasibility studies and the creation of a comprehensive roadmap for smooth implementation.

Innovative Solution Integration

The second phase focuses on the seamless integration of innovative technology. By tokenizing and the use of blockchain, we ensure security, transparency and authenticity, changing the traditional approach to investment and development.

Community building & Networking

This phase includes the use of web 3.0 platforms to connect investors, foster collaboration and provide a space for users to collectively influence the development of secured assets. Our approach transcends technological boundaries to create a dynamic ecosystem of collective influence.

Legal & Digital Assurance

The final phase involves the implementation of tools that not only secure investors in the digital sphere, but also provide a solid legal foundation. This step ensures a seamless transition from blockchain integration to real impact, combining technological innovation with a legal framework.

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